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Transfer Pricing

Our transfer pricing division facilitates the development and implementation of economically justifiable transfer pricing strategies and documentation by Indian and Multi-National Corporations. Our team will work closely with you to help manage your domestic and cross-border partner transactions tax impact. 

Together, we will explore a comprehensive, effective, integrated organizational strategy to manage many complex transfer pricing issues involving inter-company transactions, involving goods, services and intangibles. We support organizations in the design and implementation of compliance procedures and in the preparation of comprehensive documents. We help develop and implement effective transfer pricing policies, harmonize existing transfer pricing policies, adopt new transfer pricing systems and match prices with market restructuring. We provide you with a full range of documentation services, including function, asset and risk analysis, industry review, bench-marking research, accountant report preparation and issuance, tailored to your specific needs.

How we may be of help to you?
  • Assist in fixing prices for cross border transactions

  • Transfer pricing analysis, study & documentation

  • Safe Harbor Rules advisory

  • Handling transfer pricing assessments

  • Representation before transfer pricing authorities

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